Frequently Asked Questions
What is ReoBux?

ReoBux is a free worldwide service that allows advertisers to reach potential customers by displaying their advertisements on our site and also to provide our registered users a profitability considering to the page access.
So, what are you waiting for? Start earning money now!

How can I start earning?

You must Create an account to start earning.
After this you should click on the advertiser's advertisement on View Ads page and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.
After viewing the advertisement, you gets credited with a pre-determined amount of money in their ReoBux account.

How much can I earn?

The amount of money each user earns varies between the user's membership, the type and quantity of advertisements the user has viewed, the number of referrals the user has and the number of advertisements those referrals view. Profit Calculator

Guaranteed  Standard Ads Daily









Pay Per Rented Referral Click






Fixed Ads





How can I cashout?

The minimum amount paid is $3.00 for all members at everytime.  From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.All payments will be made instantly upon request or within 72 Hours after being requested.

Can we Pay to all members?

No, We Can't pay to all members.
We are pay to only premium members.

What is a referral?

Referrals are users like you who have registered in ReoBux.

There are two types of referrals:

Direct Referrals: These users registered using your username as their referrer.

Rented Referrals: These users registered without a referrer. You can rent them.

Rented Referrals




0 -> 250



251 -> 500



501 -> 750



751 -> 1000



1001 -> 1250



1251 -> 1500



1501 -> 1750



more than 1750



The renewal price is based on the rental prices shown above and you can benefit from the following discounts depending on the renewal period you choose:

30 days         60 days          90 days  

  2%               4%                10%           

Recycle your referrals: You can recycle each referral any time you want to.
Is your referral inactive or just clicks a few advertisements per day?
No problem. For just $0.01 you can replace him/her with a new active referral.

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is one way to extend your referrals automatically.
If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep that referral for an extra day.
If the referral does not click, you won't pay him for another day.
In other words, you'll pay one day in advance to your referral's due date.

AutoPay is also cheaper for you because you save 15% of a whole month's rent.

The value for each referral/day will be deducted from your rental balance.
If your rental balance has insufficient funds, it will deduct from your main balance.
If both balances have insufficient funds, it won't be triggered and will only work again when one of the balances has enough funds.


How do I advertise?

First  Register for your FREE account!

Then Log into your account and click on 'Advertiser Panel' and choose the advertising options that suit you best.

Are all visits guaranteed?

Yes, you will receive at least the amount of visits you have ordered. We only count clicks from our members. Outside clicks from visitors are included in the package.

We are also give bonus credits for every 10$ spend in advertisements and also 8$ Back of every spending 20$.

What are Paid To Signup offers (PTSU)?

Paid To Signup offers are adverts where you must register with our advertiser website and provide proof that you actually completed the offer successfully and followed the instructions completely.

The advertiser will specific the exact terms of the offer.

You must read and understand the terms and then complete the offer as required.
When you submit the offer then the advertiser will have 4 days to approve the offer or deny the offer.

If the advertiser approves the offer then the money will automatically be credited to your account.
If the advertiser denies the offer then you will not be paid.

Important Information (MEMBERS)
- To prevent abuse of the system we will automatically block any member who is denied 5 or more times from any offers.
- It is important that you only submit offers where you have actually completed the offer correctly.

Important Information (ADVERTISERS)
- To prevent abuse of the system we will automatically block any any advertiser who intentionally denies a valid offer.
- It is important that the advertiser promotes a reasonable offer.
- Admin will evaluate any DENY/REJECTED offers within 48 hours of you submitting them for review. (usually it takes less than 24 hours)
- You do not earn any referral earnings from Paid To Signup offer completions.

How do I can earn Points from ReoBux?

Points per direct referral: 5 points
Points per ptc click: 1.05 points
Points per forum post: 0.05 points
Points per completed offer: 3 points
Points per dollar deposited: 20 points 

2000 points is equal to $1.

How can I contact you?

If you have questions or concerns about ReoBux's Services, please feel free to contact  Support through our website.

 We will reply you with in 24 Hours.

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